jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Camp Scrapero

They want to participate to be campers or to be instructors (divas guide) by an I gave they leave not then this opportunity to my I invite me yessi and the truth I saw that of last year and super so prepares your better chair for pc you equip you with a digs full of
juices, ice creams and sodas some good snack unpacks the material one scrapero and weapon your store to pass it super

domingo, 17 de junio de 2012

Mini album I do not like photos

Hey guys this post is special, for making this mini tour took me to the past, to remember a person who is no longer in this world and that I loved very much, I thought to upload it for Father's Day but I wanted to participate in the challenge of metal Latina but it is not hide the metal base is paper.

Following the Story "I do not like the pictures" that title for the entry as the photos you see below are the only ones that succeed in saving the photo album that my grandmother kept in the house and one day my cousin Lenny wine and broke because they did not like your photos as a child, and I more Chamita take care of me I could and save and I used today as one of her daughters do not have pictures of him as a child and just is the daughter of the girl to which he did not want to teach your photos as a child and so came to the house to break them before bringing it was like for 16 to 17 years and place you wanted good things apart as was his dad

  Here the sheets, I want to thank Magda Institute desing Axes

domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

School bus mini album

School bus mini album This week the girls gave us a creative Kuts bap of a school bus mini album which we will be putting together for the next few weeks here my cover and page one will be the gift to remember the 4 years of my son at school

Fever of angry bird

I will say you do not like these birds are a boon to my son loves and good as always know by this time beginning to prepare for what will be the theme of the party, but it was decided that up to 6 years would feast pretty big his mom decided that as school starts again to integrate nothing better to start 2013 with a god for celebrating his birthday with his new teammates and the subject was to choose this Here the box and the card holder sweet'll see if after you finish your degree so harmonious that part and the whole issue

jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

Pages with bap of creativekuts

Hi girls come to introduce these two pages I did with a bap that gave us the creative facebook group Kuts, had time doing I hope you like loose pages

domingo, 3 de junio de 2012

Welcome to my blog now in English,

Welcome to my blog now in English, as the title says I'll try to update it on par with my blog in Spanish, but I'll try that this has an audience of girls who for some reason the translator does not translate as, I hope you like my blog in Spanish has welcomed this and share with friends, old and new. During the week I'll go decorating and placing new and old entries. happy SundayDeshacer cambios
My blog in Spanish

Stamps of dragon

Hi girls I show this card StampsDragon This seal was sent to me one of the girls of his design team because he was applying for Dt with them, although this time not be selected, I hope to apply again soon.
Well my card inspired by the beach holidays was done almost entirely in 3d from the palm to the dragon, each piece painted by hand us ; Primas Color, Faber Castell and markers Sharpie  and Ofica

Thank you for the opportunity and the comments received on the rest of my work from the design team of Dragon Seal which motivates and inspires much to follow in this art that captivates me every day