domingo, 17 de junio de 2012

Mini album I do not like photos

Hey guys this post is special, for making this mini tour took me to the past, to remember a person who is no longer in this world and that I loved very much, I thought to upload it for Father's Day but I wanted to participate in the challenge of metal Latina but it is not hide the metal base is paper.

Following the Story "I do not like the pictures" that title for the entry as the photos you see below are the only ones that succeed in saving the photo album that my grandmother kept in the house and one day my cousin Lenny wine and broke because they did not like your photos as a child, and I more Chamita take care of me I could and save and I used today as one of her daughters do not have pictures of him as a child and just is the daughter of the girl to which he did not want to teach your photos as a child and so came to the house to break them before bringing it was like for 16 to 17 years and place you wanted good things apart as was his dad

  Here the sheets, I want to thank Magda Institute desing Axes

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